About Us

Ulli Kampelmann is the founder and CEO of Kampelmann Academy. She earned her Master of Education degree with specialization in the German language, visual arts and mathematics. All of the subsidiaries of the Academy operate smoothly under her watchful eye. She is also a well-known artist. Find out more about Ulli Kampelmann in Wikipedia and on her Artworks website ullikampelmann.com.

Steve Van Stone is the co-founder and COO of Kampelmann Academy. He is an award winning documentarian and oversees the technical aspects of video editing and production and is our webmaster. As well, he is a licensed and certified professional management consultant. His hobbies include poetry, baking and singing. He takes pride in the fact that one of his ancestors is Benjamin Franklin.

Corvin Kampelmann-Van Stone is our webmaster and SEO guru. He also co-founded Juicy Quotes and Amazing Selling Aid.

Cleo Van Stone – is the Marketing and Social Media Manager. She co-founded Juicy Quotes and Amazing Selling Aid with Corvin.