Education. This one works.

Compared to all other countries, the USA ranks a lowly 34th in reading, science and math test scores. Seven thousand students drop out of high school every day in America. Distrust for schooling is on the rise.

You can become well educated easily when the methods used are based on results, not opinions, not guesswork. Education is a science that always works when all of the correct successful methods and principles are applied.

This course, The 25 Best Educator Tips, was developed for a new generation of educators and for the love of learning.

We don’t follow the common thinking of how education “should be”. We are indie.

Successful and effective education methods have been developed, standardized and proven workable. When they are all fully employed, they always work.” – Ulli Kampelmann

Education Statistics


A quarter of a billion children are not able to read or write by the time they reach fourth grade.

1 %
Amercian Students

Nearly one third of American students drop out before obtaining their high school degree.​

1 %
American adults

Over one third of US adults have poor mathematical proficiency.

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Today the USA ranks 24th in the world in reading ability.

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500% increase in government spending on education since 1985 but student test scores are worse.

It’ not the school building, it’s not societal tensions, it’s not the economy, its not the culture. It is not any other factor than the quality of an educator’s understanding of and skill in the application of successful education principles and methods. At the outset, this apples to parents and grandparents who are the initial educators for a person in life. Education begins at home. Teachers, tutors, mentors and other educators are also fully responsible to understand and be able to apply all of the correct knowledge on how to educate. These are the one’s who will help to open the door to an exhilaratingly fresh civilization.

Why Digital? This is the most rapid and effective method to spread out this knowledge broadly to educators to help improve educators such as parents, this is also a great tool for the educator and for the students to gather information expand on this.

The spirit and fun inherent in great education is fading away. The USA is experiencing a deep crisis in education where approx. 7000 students drop out of high school every day. Literacy and numeracy skills of young people in UK among lowest in developed world.



With this course, we provide valuable and workable tools for home-schoolers, parents, teachers and tutors to become inspired educators. The subjects range from the development of inherent genius, creating students interest, teaching in and about the real world, the ideal learning environment and much more. You will be enriched from this course.