Get the 25 tips on how to educate.

Assembled here for the first time, these videos present The 25 Best Educator Tips. This course will give you unquestionable competence in how to educate. Learn how to develop the inherent qualities of genius and capabilities in your kids and students. These tips were refined out of many years experience by Ulli Kampelmann, Master of Education.
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What to do:

1. Decide that you want to help your kids & students with their education.

2. Once you sign up, download the checklist. It is your step by step guide to become a competent educator. 

3. Watch the first video, do the assigned exercises according to the checklist. 

4. Continue with the next video and carry out the subsequent tasks.

5. If needed, we can arrange one on one mentoring to assist you.

6. When all lessons are completed successfully, you have the option to get tested for a certificate.

Get started and become a great educator!